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Opening External Filter...

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Ok, this may be a silly question. I got some Purigen from out at Redlands today, got home, and sat wondering how I would get into the filter, that is in my loungeroom to get the purigen in. I was running late for work, so decided to just turn it off, and open it up..........8O

And to think, only an hour before, Id finished cleaning and drying the carpets after yesterdays storms.

Soo, after cleaning up my mini tidal wave (gee they spew out some water), I decided to ask on here, how do you go about accessing the external filters?


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I have learnt it with cannisters, chillers, reactors, co2 systems, uv-s systems, sumps, fbfs, skimmers, gurneys......... and plenty more.


of course it always sucks more on carpet..... and in front of witness's


good to meet ya today mate

hope the butterflys and mexicans serve ya well!

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