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Quarantine Tank??

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Hey Guys,

After the massvie drama with fishing dying due to bringing home a infected fish i want to set up a quarantine tank.

Just looking for ideas on the following:

what size tank? will only buy 10-15 fish at a time

what do you put in your quarantine tank? chemicals etc?

how long do you leave new fish in the tank?

and any other info i need to know or should consider.

Thanks in advance :)


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All you need are some spare air operated sponges running in your exisiting tanks.

When you get new fish, fill spare tank (size of tank will depend on size of fish) with existng water from an established tank, add air powered sponge from same tank and your away. You can quarantine up to 4 weeks, with 2 weeks as minimum.

When fish are quarantined empty tank pack it away.

Hope that helps.

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