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Bit of a worklog 45 litre mini tank

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Well i have started to get my tanks in order. i have been a bit lax in the last few months and after helping dexter out i have got the WAF to get my tanks in better shape. I had Jaypee buil;d me a real real nice stand and hood but due to my measuring the tank i have currently is a little too big.. I got on to a place down in browns plains to build me a real nice custom tank wich wont be ready for about another month.

So on to my little 45 litre tank.

I wanted a small tank in the office as i spend most of my time in there working or playing. So while waiting for stuff to transfer or burn i wanted something to loose myself in.

This will be a slowish worklog as cash flow is a little slower these days but i have basically everything bar plants and fish.

So this tank i bought a couple of years ago as a all in one tank but after a couple of pump failures it has sat dormant for the last few months.

Here come the photos

As it sat up until a couple of weeks ago




So i removed everything from the inside and scrubbed till my hands almost bleed. Pulled the whole lid apart cleaned up everything cleaned wiped removed the old fan and have tidied up everything.

I put a strip of LED's just to show


I then pulled my desk apart (took me three weeks to get right) and placed the tank for looks.


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Got my new filter today.

Fluval U2


Interior shots


Gonna replace these crappy noodles with matrix and maybe a little purigen.

Carbon and foamish side bits



Gonna have a try at my own home brew CO2 system for this i think.

Thats about all for now have to go get a foam piece for underneath the tank then wash some substrate and decide what i want to put in it.


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quick update

ordered a few things from guppys tonight.

got some matrix to replace the flimsy crap in the U2, 500ml flourish, some airline and a thermometer.

Should be able to get the substrate and filtration done this weekend. have to arrange the power to the tank as i have enough in the wall in the office as it is :P

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Well got all my gear this week.decided to go get some plants and try to get my little tank up and running.

i got some tips of a mate down south and after heading off with dexter to get some plants i was on the way.

started off with a light layer of sphagnum moss.


spent ages washing out some black sand


then a light alyer of osmocote plus


Then more black sand then finally some lighter stuff for the final layer.

I stopped tanking pictures after this for a while because wet hands and such. After trimming, trimming and more trimming i got the best of the plants sorted. I started planting.

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Ok quick update after the planting and after the first night i was interested to see if the plants had perked up at all

I am dosing stability to help cycle the tank. Also dosing flourish for plant life.

This picture is straight after the setup yesterday afternoon


This was taken only a couple of hours ago. All the plants have perked up a bit and straightening up.


noticed this little nasty on one of the logs he came out mighty quick


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Day 2 update

ph at 7.6 ammonia at 0 nitrite at .25 and nitrate at 0. i dont get the nitrite reading but whatever.

the plants are really starting to open a little. If i do this everyday i know i will continue :P


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Ok so after the upheavel of the last couple of days a bit of an update.

i noticed on tuesday night some kind of milky something on the bottom of the tank so i got as much out as i could and did a 25% water change i didnt do the tests as i was worried i would get an incorrect reading.

tonights reading is a bit worrying

ph is still at 7.6 ammonia has gone up to 2.0 ppm nitrate and nitrite.

im not sure what isnt right is it i think it is the osmocote wich is causing the issue. here are some photos

first couple is the strange milky stuff on the bottom



this is the stuff growing on one of the plants


and the growth pic


should i pull this apart and redo this just to get rid of the osmocote the tank being this young would it be ok to do this

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The white stuff is just wood fungus. You can pull it off with tweezers or just leave it.

Most things like bristlenoses like to eat it even more than algae.

I would let ya tank do its cycle.

wait until ammonia and nitrite get to 0ppm

and then add in some small siamese flying foxes

they will tidy it up in no time.

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ok day 7 update

water has finally gone almost clear and the tank is really starting to look really nice

growth pic


Tank Shot


Ok so parameters are going crazy at the moment

ph no change at 7.6

ammonia is up to 4ppm

nitrite has skyrocketed up to 2ppm

nitrate is still at 0

the milky stuff has all but gone there is still a little here and there i have put a baby Bristlenose in there to see if he can clean it up and help with the cycle. Got 2 more days of stability to dose then it has all been dosed i wont start dosing flourish until the tank has settled down.

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its a little hailea all in one tank. After repeated pump failures i removes the filter setup in the tank stripped it clean and bought an internal filter. The setup was a good idea though. I think what they tried to do was an inbuilt sump kind of idea but i dont think they got it right.

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ok finally had some time to do some work :P

checked parameters tonight and was a little surprised

ph 6.6

ammonia 2

nitrite 0

nitrate 0

i had to head off to toowoomba for over a week and came back to this


so i have to get to work tonight im going to to a 30% or so water change try to clean up the mess and then there is a couple of things i have to replant im just hoping the growth pic plants will come back the stalks all are very green so im hoping that with some careful looking after i can bring them back.

Im not sure if i should go back to dosing flourish but ill see how it goes after the water change and a couple of days to settle down.

ideas lol


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