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EOI: 75 gallon Fish Tank complete with fish

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Hey All,

75 gallon tank (141.5cm x 46cm x 46cm) with tinted glass back and both sides no lid (glass in good condition, no leaks, one corner is a bit rough looking)

stand (is a older style lowline t.v unit with draw)

Aqua fx 1800 Internal Filter (works well)

Marine Master Heater 150 watt basically brand new(only used overnight)

Uni star Air filter 2 watt (

temp strip inside tank

large rocks

large gravel

bell ornament (about 18cm height)

4x plastic plants

4x Oscars (between 9cm and 12cm) unsure of sex (2 are tigers and not sure on other 2 )

If was sold I would supply some start up food.

Heater in tank is my heater i'm keeping. The heater is pictured in the photo.

In the picture the fish are in the tank but there are also fish I'm keeping for my new tank.

It's saying my image file is to big, please copy and paste the whole link to view


Open to offers and you can also pm me :)

Thanks for looking :)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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