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Heiko Bleher talk

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This is an open invitation for discus lovers to attend a lecture on discus and the amazon by Heiko Bleher at the Bar-Jai hall at Clayfield on the 21st October. This is a special meeting of the Queensland Cichlid Group to coincide with his presentation at the ANGFA conference. Heiko is an excellent speaker, and it promises to be an interesting and fun filled night. Cost is $10.

Heiko will have copies of his latest book available, and should be available for signing afterwards.

The QCG sent me this flier below and it contains the links and information required.

Cya there

Best Regards


Heiko Bleher - World Reknowned Discus Expert

Learn more about Discus and the Amazon

Brisbane October 2011

World Discus Expert Heiko Bleher is In Brisbane for the ANGFA Convention in October.

On Friday 21st October he will be lecturing about Discus and the Amazon at special meeting of the Queensland Cichlid Group.

Heiko is an Author, Explorer, Photographer, Conservationist and Regular contributor to Practical Fishkeeeping and TFH

Heiko has just published his magnificent Book on Discus - Bleher's Discus Volume 2

Limited Numbers will be available on the night.

Learn more Heiko

Visit the Links at Queensland Cichlid Group Inc Homepage

Heiko Bleher's Website

Heiko Bleher's Biography and more

Heiko Bleher's Books Etc

Heiko Bleher YouTube Interview

Heiko Bleher Interview at the Cichlid Room Companion

Heiko Bleher discovers: Apistogramma

Heiko Bleher discovers: Loricariids

Heiko Bleher discovers: Corydoras .

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I've been to that talk before. Its very interesting and full of amazing slides. I got him to sign my book too :)

It was a talk mainly about biotopes - and about Amano tanks being pretty by crap. For all you discus keepers out there that keep them 7.6 or whatever to avoid pH fluctuation because no pH jump is better than a biotopically correct system that you have to keep putting buffer in - be prepared for a giant Heiko slap in the face! The talk I was at, 99% of us keep our discus on RO so he was pretty calm until someone mentioned customer preference, so it would be very interesting to see the polarization of the Brissy crowd.

I may just have to see it for myself...

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