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sick/dead frontosa and need clean hospital tank?

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so last week noticed looked like frontosa was beggining become constipated or had prolapse anus problem, not 1 other fish in the main tank had anything that looked the same so thought wouldn't be a disease or nothing give it a couple days..

started look serious so i seperated him from main tank into cycled clean perfect water parameters etc. hospital tank.. dosed the tank with epsom salt as read was good for this! than went away for weekend so didn't feed him/her for couple days as didn't want to clog him/her anymore.. came back and looks much worse like infection eating away around that area..

dosed with some multi cure yesterday but looking real bad before that and now dead today..

just wondering for future refererance what was wrong with him/her?? (see attached pics)


and now that he died in the tank with must have been infection?? does that mean i have to completely empty water out and do water change to rid any disease? or disease can't survive without a host? i just have 2x large sponge filters in there for filtration, and mid sized gravel substrate...??

and as for the dead fish i chucked him down end of the yard for nature to take its course..

thanks for any help in advance :)!



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Itsd hard to tell if its the frons anus or genital area. Did u give the dead fishs stomach a squeeze in case it was an egg bound female?

A quanatine tank shouldnt have gravel as it will save having to clean it in future and gravel will habour problems. Hospital tanks need to be kept with cycled sponges otherwise the bacteria has nothing to feed on and colonise the sponges. I suggest once u get the tank back up and running u occasionly drop some food in it to keep some ammonia being processed. Then when needed, good water change and introduce the fish grandually by taking hospital tank water to the bucket with fish in. Take the fish out after its had time to be conditioned to the new water. Always keep stress to a minumum. Begin treatment.

Not a step by step but I hope this helps u in the future.

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sweet thanks for replys!

think i'll just rid the gravel completely out of it than... but than should i still wash the rest stuff in tank in 1:5 bleach/water (rest stuff as in 2x air sponge filters, heater, wipe down glass)??

as for tank being cycled is was previously cycled as i had a healthy fish living in there than swap the good one with the sick one when i noticed was looking bad! but thanks for the steps either way still helpful!

oh and i didn't squeeze the fish out after was dead either, i guess it could have possibly been a female, not sure at all though.. does this egg clogging thing only happen with female frontosa's??

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