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URGENT!! b/n and melafix??

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Hey guys, I need some help...

In posted this a few days ago common b/n with red/infected sucker, b/n with a badly cut/infected sucker.

I added salt yesterday (1g per litre), then some melafix just then (5m to 40L)... and immediately the b/n thrashed around in the tank. then rolled over and layed on its back as if dead.

I took him out straight away into some fresh water.

what do you think?? I did some research and it looked like melafix should have been ok with scaleless species... but my observations tell me otherwise.

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one of the most common and hardy fish, but I continue to have no luck with them :(

got a 100 of this guys fry, so at least thats a consolation prize.

edit. Thanks Frinkie.

Only thing I can make of it is he hasnt eatin for a while. Been fanning eggs for last month. So maybe that weaken him a bit, aswell as the sucker problem.

Then melafix hit the water and stung like buggery. And that was it. He'd had enough.

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He would have had maybe a 2/3 dosage. 5ml to 60L of tank water.

I googled as much as I could before adding the salt hey, got mixed answers. But then remembered a b/n that DFF's missus had that had cuts all over it from being wedged in some coral. And she treated it with salt and he came good.


Just one of those things I suppose.

thanks for the help guys. Appreciated.

He's bagged and binned now.

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