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Red Finned Blue eye in the media

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Hi gang, just in case you missed it last nights ABC 730 report Friday night QLD edition had a piece on Bush Heritage and the critically endangered

Red Finned Blue Eye and it's conservation. Well worth a look.

Here is the link. Enjoy


Private conservation group funds work on endangered species - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

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I posted this on the AL, and QLDAF forums (as well as the ANGFA forums) to hopefully make the greater fishkeeping audience aware of the situation.

We ANGFA people are

obviously aware of the Red Finned Blue Eyes plight,

but I wasn't sure that the more main stream crowd know the situation. If there are other forums that you

know of that you reckon should see this, please cut and paste my link for others, spread the word.

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pretty little fish

but hobbyists are scared off the more rare stuff

I am sure many of us look at them and think they look easy to breed and beautiful to keep.

buuuut thats not what the government thinks.

A shame really because as hobbyists we could secure their survival as a species

albeit in captivity.

island species need to be considered for things like this

ocean wont need to rise very much to start trashing the limited ecosystems that make up their range.

breeding endangered animals in captivity can also generate moneys to help the efforts focused on wild conservation.

unsuitable for many species

but not for most freshwater fish

especially the pretty ones

but yea the gov takes a very different view

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Agreed, the quickest and sure fire way to ensure the survival of any species in to release it into the hobby. Under controlled conditions and licensed obviously.


M. eachamensis being a good example.

And then there are those right under our nose which get overlooked, G.coxii have been collected in the Brisbane River and some other streams recently last recorded in 1941.

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