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Re-Setup of 5x2x2

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So i recently moved house, and the 5x2x2 Oscar tank has been in the garage getting all slimey and not really any attention.

im going to move the tank into the lounge room shortly but want to set it up as best as i can with current equipment/for little extra cost.

curent equipment:

Gary maher 5x2x2 with 3door cabinet and hood

2x fx5's (fair bit of different media, including substrate pro, matric and 3 diff sizes of noodle)

1x twin bulb 4ft t5 light, 1x twin bulb t8 light

2x aquaone 300W heaters

some cheap brand giant airpump and long air stone

I have 40kg of crushed coral also (still in bags)

the tank currently has no gravel jsut a bare glass bottom as i removed all sand and drift wood. so the tank is empy (except for water and fish)

What I need to know is how should I re-set this up?

I have plenty of drift wood, and the two fx5's. what media should I run, what lights should I run (can buy diff ones if would be better?) what type of outlets/inlets should i run on the filters? how should i set up the filters? one each end? or both running the same way (inlets at the same end as each other) is crushed coral good substrate for Oscars? or should I be getting something else? what colour background should I go with?

So many questions!!

Stock list:

1x 8-9" Red oscar

1x 6" albino tiger oscar

1x 8" silver sharl

2x 3-4" silver dollars

any help/ idea would be awesome!

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