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EOI/FS Large sellout of Tanks, fish and accecories

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Hey all, thinking about moving one of my setups so i can concentrate on breeding my little corydoras catfish.

Consists of the following:


1x 3 Tier Pallet Racking 8ft long by 6ft high by 15"deep. Each tier can be set to whatever level you want.

4x 4'x18"x18' tanks, 2 are display quality

8x 2'x1'x18" tanks, all are drilled with plumbing.

Live Stock

30+ Electric Yellow Cichlid, 8cm+ at least 10 different bloodlines, raised from Juvi's, have begun to breed but not succsefully as yet. All High quality fish, spent a long time sourcing these guys.

Male to Female Ratio of at least 1:5

4 Small Tanganyikan Shell Dweller Multi's, not sure of excat species. They a white with dark stripes and are about 5cm, which i would imagine would be full size for them but im no expert lol.

Breeding pair of Split Gene Electric Blue Jack Dempsey's that throw around 35% EBJD babies, dont have any fry atm because a khulli loach ate all the eggs from there most recent spawn.

Both around 18-20cm, Male is absolutley beautiful and could almost be classed as EBJD on his own.

Young Pair of brasiliensis cichlids 1m 15cm+, 1f 10cm. Not a breeding pair yet but are exhibiting spawing behaivour right now, just a little inmature IMO. Lovely specimens of the species.


1x200w Heater

2x200w Heaters

Lots of crushed coral, some in tanks with the africans, rest in small zip lock bags. At least 20kg in total.

8xlarge Sponge Filters, 2 in each 4 footer, can throw in a few more for the 2 footers.

Lots of Lava rock, a few random ornaments, some DW and whatever else I decide to get rid of once i go through all of it lol.

I am selling this all together in one lot, make me reasonable offer pls as there is lots of stuff here, not fussed if 1 person buys it or if you get together with your friends and make me an offer.

I know ppl dont like making offers in the dark, (me too) but I cant put a price tag on it. However if I get an offer i feel is fair and resonable its yours, im not going to hang out for better offer.

Pickup only, can be done in stages if needed, can help on my end.

Its all running atm so feel free to come and have a look.

Pickup is from Redbank Plains.

PM, SMS or ring 0422 168 025



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