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I.D metriaclima aurora !

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after 2 days of research i think my mystery fish are these - METRIACLIMA AURORA . based on - size / head shape / colour / finage / CORRECT ME IF IM WRONG & YOU DO KNOW 100% BETTER PLEASE as im open to suggestions BUT AT this stage im saying they are as stated above . would love to get some cichlid guru,s opinions on this thanks.

going by research there are a few colour morfs ect .THANKYOU .




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Look more like (Metriaclima) Lombardoi that may have cross bred with (metriaclima) aurora, the shape to me looks Lombardoi. Were these purchased from a shop or local breeder. If you got them from a shop were they really cheap or labeled as assorted, maybe you bought them at auction?


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no they are not aurora

if they are aurora

I would cull them and start again

as they are not aurora that look like aurora.

If you are going to keep aurora

I reccomend getting some that look like aurora.

If you have to get them from a shop

to actually get aurora

then I would do that

buying fish that are ?mystery? fish

especially mbuna

is not usually reccomended.

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