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First camera :)

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Hey guys, So I got a camera as a bonus with a laptop the other week and finally have time to take a few shots and upload them

Its a Canon 1100D 18-55mm Lens, I am also wondering if its worth getting another lens?

Most are taken on auto, On some I changed a few settings to act more proffessional

(I don't know how to work it 100%)

Anyway here are a few pics.

Panda cory's


Marble Angel


Koi Angel (Its air bubbles floating around not crap)


Dwarf Gourami


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Peppermint baby (Blurry, unfortunately the white is really bright to capture without distorting up close)


Kuhli Loach ( Gourami was in the way and blurred it but I had to take it there hard to stay still)


Cory with a good vision of its home.


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