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FS: 3.5ft tank and accserories!!

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For sale: 3.5ft by 16 by 17 tank. had a crack in the bottom but has been fixed and has helled waer for around 6 months maybe more (lids inc)

.1200lph fillter (internal) pree sure its aqua one. perfect condistion

.150 watt heater working fine not problem (not full submersible)

.brand new 2 way airpump with hose and shell shape stone.

.white grvel

.1 foot aqua one light works perfec. just needs new bulb. light alone cost me $65 not that long ago

and i have a few other deceration or stuff like that floating around somewhere if u want them :)

asking $120 o.n.o

send me ur number if u would like pics.

also ill have an awesome pice of mangrove root for sale in the up and coming weeks. aski8ng around $50 for that.

thats all for now

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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