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crappy $60 camera pics

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A while ago i posted some pics of fish i took with a kodak camera i got new for $60, some of these pics actually looked half decent (by my standards atleast) so tonight i put some new batteries in her and had a little fun. Truth be told the wife has done a spring clean, ie hiden everything again lol, so i cant find my 550D. I went to feed the fish tonight and all the fish were displaying their colours and my dovii pair are courting, 8 days now the buggers. So in advance i apologise for the quality of the pics, they still dont show the true colours that i see, but i couldnt help myself seeing so many fish being pretty for me. Enjoy, welll sorta lol.

Festae male 15cm+


Tiger oscar (suspected male) (also extremely hated by festae above) 15cm ish


Common pleco that survived a floggin from the dovii pair it used to live with. 25cm


Jack dempsey male 18cm+


More to come sorry people lol

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Texas male 17cm


Female dovii somewhere between 16cmish. Kevs bloodline, badly beat up but well onto the road to recovery


male dovii just a touch larger than fem. Fish junkie daves blood, georgeous head to him for his size, colours just wont show up in pics for me.


The pair


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Nice shots Ronny. Love the face on the JD.

I absolutely love the JD, he gets some absolutely stunning purple to him when he is happy, much better than that pic. Although i am glad to finally get a pic that shows of some of his purple. He will be 3 years old in December, from egg, so i know it can only get better.

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