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Help with plumbing for sump!

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Hey guys!

I'm currently running a 7x2x2.5 tank with a 3x1.5x1.5 sump.

This is my first setup with a sump so I'm a Newby and I been searching but was just seeing what everyone thoughts and ideas! :D

It's drilled through the bottom of the tank with 2x 50mm outlets and 2x 25mm inlets.

The outlets come from the bottom to just below the water level. The inlets come up through the bottom and up above the water level basically into a u shape and back down into the tank. I've tried drilling holes just under water level so if the sump fails and water starts dropping once it's past the holes it will get a air lock and stop syphoning*check spelling* back into the sump.

Problem I have is that when the sump pump gets turned off, or power gets cut the water will drain about 7 inches if not more of water out, overflow my sump, end up with water all over the ground.

How do you solve your inlet pipes stop sucking water back into the sump?

I was thinking was covering all the drilled holes at the bottom of the tank and redrilling inlets and outlets at the at the top of the tank. Because I don't like the setup the tank is running now with the pipes for everyone to see in the tank.

Questions.. :)

Would it be hard to redrilling myself using the right tools?

What outlets would I use? Still a 50mm? (Because the new outlet is below the water level instead of skimming the water.)

Would you still have 2 outlets and 2 inlets?

How do I go about calculating were to do my outlets so I get the right water hight?

Is this even worth doing?

Cheers for reading my story. All ideas and info will be great!

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Drill the sump and have a bulkhead with hose or piping attached so the sump doesnt fully fill it drains that 7 inches of water out to wherever you decide to put the other end?

Or redo the intake so it doesnt drain as much. So it drains a little into the sump then the water stops and the tank still holds water just below the top of the intake?

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Sorry if I confused anyone. I can get pics if it helps! :D

Picture tells a thousand words :)

May even get some other ideas once people know exactly what your working with.

But as ash said ...your sump is defiantly under size.

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when the doors are closed what difference does it make? make it the most functional not the best looking(especially if its hidden like fiiks)

Probally isn't much difference, except for me wanting a sump tank because I feel it looks better then plastic drums.

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