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2x 2ft tanks on a stand

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selling my 2 2ft tanks on a metal stand, tanks are in excellent condition no scratches etc.

comes with heaps of rocks and fake plants and over 30 fish just add water and away you go :)

tank 1 comes with 19 convicts ranging from 2-5cm with a couple of them breeding already laid their first batch of eggs a couple of weeks ago.

second tank has 5 electric yellows 4-5cm (wont be far off breeding) 3 males and 2 females i think, 5 or 6 common brislenose 2-4cm, 2 catfish looking things think they are cuckoo cats cant remember exactly about 4-5cm and 1 neon.

after $80 for the lot, can send pics if interested cant upload any sorry.

text 0401712001

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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