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Choc Gourami

EOI 2 breeding racks with sump

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EOI 2 breeding racks with sump

I have run out of time and interest to keep these going at the moment so I'm looking for offers.

Rack 1

Wooden stand 2m x 2m x .6m. Made from 70mm x 45mm hardwood and pine Bolted and screwed. Can be disassembled.

All shelves have got a piece of 4mm mdf/hardboard and 10mm polystyrene on them.

Stand has 25mm plumbing for water and 13mm plumbing for air.

Bottom shelf holds 900mm x 450 x 450 sump, 2 tanks, 600mm x 380 x 380 and 600mm x 300 x 380

2nd and 3rd shelves holds 6 tanks each of 600mm x 300 x 300 all are drilled and have 25mm fittings. No strainers as I just use fly screen.

Each of these tanks has it's own inlet tap so you can isolate if need too. Each tank also has it's own air tap.

Top of stand can be used for storage.

The sump has some bio balls and gutter guard in it.

All tanks have glass lids.

There are about 10 sponge filters.

Sump pump is a JHQ 4500. I also have a spare as well.

Air pump is a Resun LP40.

There is also 5 x 2ft fluro lights all connected.

There is also a 300w heater for the sump.

Note: Some of these tanks have been painted on the side and or end.

Rack 2

3 tier 40mm box section Steel stand painted black. 1300mm wide x 1500 high x 450 deep (approx).

Polystyrene on each shelf.

Bottom shelf holds 1 tank 1200mm x 500 x 450

Middle shelf holds 1 tank 1200mm x 450 x 450

Top shelf holds 2 tanks 610mm x 460 x 460. Both of these are drilled and have 25mm fittings.

All tanks have glass lids.

There are 2 x 4ft and 4 x 2ft single fluro lights.

I'm located in Forest Lake and these are pick up only. No delivery, you will need a trailer or ute to move these. I am happy to help empty and disassemble.

PM me with offers for both or either of these.



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