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troy delphin

help bad seller

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hi every one what can we do about bad sellers i had some one agree to a sale for $100 then said no so i asked what would be a good price for them they came back with $120 plus my pair of blue acra they agreed again then to only send me a txt say not selling now my girlfriend wants to keep them then sent another text sying hay mate thanks for your time but one of her other friends are going to buy them so they have gone and sold them from under me after agreeing to the deal it was a verbal agreement over the phone i just dont think that honest lagite fish breeders or sellers should be posting thing for sale to the pull them out with out any notice of that on the post if that is there intentions then i dont think they should have the privalage of this serivce for some time as it is not fair to make false promisses here is the post

Colony of burundi frontosas for sale

For Sale/WTB/EOI:- for sale

Type of fish/goods:- burundi frontosa

Sex(if known):-both

Size/Rating:-6-10 cm

Breeding:- not yet

Qty available:- 8

Price:- 150$

Location:- mansfield

Shipping Y/N:- at buyers expense

Contact:- 0403272502

Comments:- very nice healthy fish


yours sincerly


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tell them to stik thair deal , politely

and dont waist your time with them eaver again

no contract was sighnd so the rest is not relivent

most deals like this are considerd talking /hageling , not a deal

sorry you feal hard done by .

im sure no harm wa intended .


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