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Grante, 6ft Cichlids

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Hey guys, Ive learnt alot from this forum the last few weeks so thought Id say hello and upload a pic of my setup.


2xAquaOne internal filters (til I save up $$$ for an external)

Crushed coral and a few large rocks

Peacocks x3


Green Texas

Mono Sebae






Bala Sharks x2

25cm Pleco

Quite an addictive hobby and loving it. This forum is always helpful and full of awesome aquariums so thanks guys!


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Welcome:) Tank looks great! Definitely will need to get more filtration on that bad boy.. Is that a big goldfish in with a your cichlids? How is that working out ? Do they beat it up? I have a feeder fish that became friends with my flowerhorn but have not seen a Goldie that big living in a tank like yours.

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@matmatmat Yeah the goldfish has been with me from the start and been in all my tanks but got someone with a pond who wants him. None of the others really seem interested.

@kane Im still new to this so as a newbie i go to the petshop with a list of what i have and pick my fav from what they recommend.

@bidkev Ive never added salt before or ever been advised to, Ive had the mono for about 3 months and he seems ok, very active, eats alot like the others. Would you suggest salt?

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