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EOI 5 x 2 x 2.3 Setup with 3D background (Gold Coast)

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Background has half broken off since photo..

offers PM me...

Tank: 5 x 2 x 2.3, solid tank no leaks, dble base, braced top and bottom. 10mm thick sides.

stand: solid stand made for in a wall cavity, not so pretty but does its job well.

Accessories: all accessories are only 5 mnths old.

Light 5ft (RRP$140)

Cannister with UV 2000LPH+ (RRP$150)





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thanks mate. Took a fair while to make, many hours lol. I used styrofoam pieces cut to shapes I wanted, siliconed them together, once i had all the foam pieces together I used expanding foam and a lighter to ripple all the edges and fill in all the gaps. Then 2 coats of render/concrete, dry for 1 day in between. Then acrylic painted with airbrush. then 3-4 coats of Pond Sealer, 1 day dry in between. then about 3 -4 tubes of silicone to install plus 2 days drying time, then fill, empty, fill, empty, fill... lol... wont bbe doing that again unless im paid ; )

has filter inlet hidden in left corner with a hole under for inlet, well hidden...

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the filter is a generic one, called 'odyssey' 2000+LPH, i know it looks like a fx5 hey....

not selling the light seperately as of yet. maybe will if someone wants the rest. will let u know if that happens. and yes it is a T5 i believe, it has 4 5ft bulbs. low wattage.

Any offers on tank etc??

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