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breading trets

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Get them big, wait until they pair off, switch over to air powered sponge filters........ be ready to handle large spawns.

trets are great, but its always interesting trying to breed them until a pair forms.

Keep in mind, they can be pretty nasty to other fish in the tank when defending their bubs.

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trets are simple as, but like Donny said get a few of them and let nature take its course, feed em up on alot of live foods and a nice mixed compliment of good foods, trets are secretive, they love little nooks and crannies, offer up alot fo little pipe's pvc or terracotta etc and caves, they will sort it out and then spawn 9 times outta 10 you want know you spawned em until they are free swimming and a big swarm is in there, best of luck

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Neolamprologus tretocephalus

basic neolamp set up

my PAIR are in a 3x2x18h tank, could possibly get away with smaller but he can get aggro.

He has an upside down 15cm floer pot with a chunk boken out about 4cm high

she has a norrow mouth pot facing forwards at teh front , I hav ethis covered in rocks because there lovin tends to move it all over the place, this has worked for a while now, but they are getting a tad big to fit inside it now, so might have to look for something bigger. I think the narrow opening helps her to defend it.

I have some refuge pipes at the surface for her aswell.

For me they love to hate each other,

for 1 month he hates her

the next month she starts to hang around her pot

about 3-4 weeks later they breed, alomost 3 months to the day!!!! every time.

once layed (sometimes 50, some times 300)they take 3-4 days to hatch, day 7-8 free swimming.

I suck most of them out at day 10, because day 11 they are everywere in the tank lol,

Best i have managed is 10 days before they ate all the fry during the night, although sometime some are just left to cruise with them, last lot i had a few left in the tank get to an inch, or 3 months old.

breed, umm she at 6cm, him at 7, he is now 12-14+ and 4cm deep, she would be maybe 10 and 3 cm deep, they are a solid fish.

once they pair up, get them to their own tank, couples dont play nice with others

anything I forgot?

oh pic, this is an old one he will barely get in that pot now, and she would be bigger than him now.



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Thanks so much for you'r help trofius, today i done some fish shopping lol, i got a 10kg bag of cal carb its now in there looks sweet, i couldnt find sand, i got a medium bubble filter its doing great, and i got a heap of rocks and shells and made little caves and holes and i got a little pot similar to yours, and there is already a bit of java moss in there so i just left it, looks great i have three in there atm one seems to be getting smashed and its up in the corner, but i might be able to upload pics later, but cheers, and is the bubble filter enough air? and they are in a 4ft x 15 x 18

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I Love trets so much.....

my favourite... kinda hate how they attack each other. i hate two adults but they don't play much with each other. they are both in seperate ends of the tank. i just put 5 new little ones in and they are finding it tough. the large male is kicking the shit out of them but they are hanging on. going to put some more ricks so they can hide from the beating. i have not got them to breed yet but i want them too so bad.

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