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Fish Id Please :)

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hey guys this is my mrs familys "red devil" called lucy shes 2-3y.o has laid eggs several times they got her from pine rivers aquarium @2.5cm and was told if they feed her hikari cichlid gold she will colour up

personally i think shes a hybrid because she has the festae\flowerhorn dot on her tail or a con\devil in the pics shes more red then usual usually shes grey and she ALWAYS has those stripes

here are a fair few pics what do you guys think she is?











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tanks due for a clean so some of its grimey dirt and whatnot and some of its air bubbles

shes pretty toey and they are thinking about putting her in a 6x2 with an oscar(Pu$$yest oscar ive ever seen) firemouth bnose redtail shark green terror and a firemouth( i suggested that they didnt cos shes nuts)

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Not enough vertical bars for convict hybrid. My money's on a tri-mac or low grade FH/devil hybrid due to the number of vertical bars. Low grade FH's often retain the bars of the tri-mac. Cross this old one of mine with a red devil and would you have something like yours?


You never know what you're buying from that place :P

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I would say it's crossed with a kamfa 99% of kamfa cross females will be like yours

So I would say devil x kamfa ( flowerhorn) by the pics but it's like a box of choc buying from that place you never know what you get

Looking at the strips and tail and fins that's what I would say it is ...

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red isletas cichlid - Google Search is the closest thing weve found to her on the net but does anyone know how these are made are they purebred or hybrid?

being that the "red isletas" is from the same amphilophus family its not a stretch but i have not seen them in oz yet ;) i would say devil that hasnt morphed yet and a small percentage dont or like bidkev said a trimac cross devil. convict cross.....not a chance :lol:

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