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thinking of going to the darkside

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i am thinking going to salt water.. i am noob so can u guys me some advice .. thinking turning my 5 foot discus tank to salt water already bought aqua one mysis all in one filter and thinking getting light not sure which one to go for .. would this filter be enough 290 tank or i need get another sump ..any advice will greatly appreciated

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Are you just going to keep salt water in there?

Or were you thinking of also having fish or even corals?

We cant help you, if you are vague.

Help us, help you.

Perhaps post a picture of a tank close to what you want to achieve.

sumthing like this soft corals and fish

Marine Reef Aquarium - YouTube

this is the tank i am going to turn to salt water tank


this is filter i got now

AquaOne MariSys 240 Series II

don't have lighting because not sure what to get can you use t5s ? also i got skimmer as well .. do i need to get chiller ?

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for soft corals you will need a chiller for great success.

cant view youtube for 2 or so more days :(

Hard to plumb them into Marisys tho

i thought it came with overflow box ? :o chiller are not 2 expansive .. the thing i am scare is lighting i got t5 light is it alright to use them ?

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