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Hello, my first post on the forum 8O

I work for a pet supplies store that sells a range of basic freshwater fish and plants. I know quite a bit about the fish we sell already, but I always have new questions and want to know all that I can about them and stop them from getting diseases or infections.

At home I have a 70-80L tropical tank with three Ranchu, two Corydora (albino and bronze), three Phantom Glass Catfish and one Black Moor.

I have a ClearView hang-on filter and live plants including Amazon Swords and Lilaeopsis pots.

I look forward to learning more about fish and plants :D

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Inkozana, If you go into your Inbox (click notifications at the top ofyour screen then clink on inbox), once it loads ont he left hand side of your Inbox is a section that says "EDIT AVATAR", click that then select Custom Avatar and upload your pic and save!! HTH ;)

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