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Heaps of random fish related things for sale :)

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Hey all,

Friend cleaned out her fish room and I'm selling this stuff for her, pickup is at geebung.

3x fighter tanks/nano tanks - 1x 15x15x20 comes with gravel $10, 2x 12x15x15 $5ea

1x AO Confine n' Dine $2 - unopened

1x 6g OSI Brine Shrimp eggs $15 - unopened

1x sera C02 Tablets (20) $10 - unopened

1x APH pH test kit $5 - unopened

1x Jebo R331 Aquarium pump $5

1x Ao worm feeder cone $1 - packaging damaged but unused

1x Jebo R338 Aquarium pump $5

2x AO 25W heaters $10ea

7x purigen 100ml bagged, $8ea one deffs needs recharging others are ok but still used.

1x plastic mat grass 24cmx12cm $5 - unused

1x half log 21cmx10cmx8cm $7 - unused

1x aquaone net breeder 15.5cmx14cmx15cm $5 - unopened

1x 1.36kg coralife marine salt (fine for freshwater use) $5 - unopened

Please pm if interesed, I can't get photos so please don't ask :)


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I would love to be able to send pics, would love to be able to upload pics, but my phones bluetooth isn't working (lost cord like a week after I got it)

so honestly can't get pics, but your welcome to come by and look at them :)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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