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Marine aquarium hobbyists collecting their own fish-inverts.

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Our Brisbane marine aquarium club (aandtsociety) have found some nice fish, corals and other inverts that were collected on our trips of late.

Lots and lots of underwater photos from our trips these days from three keen photographers with the ranks now, its nearly more fun than the actual collecting.

Two examples of fish we crarely collect on the field trips, these are endemic to the mid east coast of Aus and are nice natured fish in the aquarium as well.

The starki is the only Aus damsel that will get on with everyone!


This endemic chromis,I used to know its latin name, but due to the rarity of them I have forgotten,this year,suprisingly,there are heaps around .

There is a similar one out there that’s in my books, but that’s not it.


This is the collecting trip section for any one interested in underwater photos, collected species and all laws and tips on how to collect legally and beneficially to not just the collector but also the area you wish to collect in as well.

If none of this interests you, there is no reason to click on the thread link!!!

Marine fish and invert collecting.

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Beautiful Looking fish :D

Thanks,we see some top stuff and swim amongst wonderful wildlife on our trips.

Here discusgc,look closely at this link,a part from that,the time it would take to pass on what i know about that comment i would have aged a great deal,thats all on that!!

Marine fish and invert collecting, SEQ dive site page,regulations,how to collect,all updated by aandtsociety each 3 months.

We have some nice spots in the south east of Q and they get lots of planktonic dispersal stocking virtually all life forms we recreational collectors and the commercial guys collect at our reefs and wrecks.

Lots of what is bought in the shops here is collected here by the commercial guys and than you buy it, we get our own and eliminate potential issues that you have near no choice when you buy it!

I must admit though,Pet city these days has got their act together these days and is the more reliable place for marines eliminating issues that some others may not have.

In the last 10 to 15 years the oceans global warming resulting temps of 2 plus degrees have allowed most life forms that were from spawning further north to live through our winter now, in the past most were dead in many areas by August as with all life forms that came from spawning above Frazer Island for most of NSW from Balina down.

We used to have temps in winter of 14c at the major reefs out here,not much survived that.

I have some copied stuff going out soon that we use as club promotional stuff on our club collecting trips, we have had some amazing trips lately.

See yah.

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