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New Nano and Sump Setup

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Hi All,

I am thinking of getting a special Nano tank made with a sump built into the rear of the tank. The overall Nano size with be 300mm (L) x 400mm (W) x 300mm (H) made from 6mm Glass (Sump = 300mm x 100mm x 300mm, Tank = 300mm x 300mm x 300mm. I have attached a rough drawing of what the tank will look like.


My question is, has anyone seen this done before?

I like the idea of a Sump, but with limited room on the desk at work so building one on the back of the tank would be better suited for me, the fact that I don’t like the look of the HOB Filters, and I would like to design and possibly build one myself. Yes, buying a prebuilt Nano from a store will be easier, but I would like a little project to work on.

Within the sump, I was going to have some Filter Wool then some Fine Sponge (a few layers) then into some BIO Balls before hitting the bag of Purigen at the bottom of the sump and heading back up through some Ceramic Noodles before spilling over into the Heater/Pump section. I will only be using a small pump with a Max of 250 L/h to pump the water back into the main section.

Your thoughts and suggestions would be much appreciated.

PS. - I have not yet decided on the stocking list. I was going to be using fine black gravel with lots of plants and driftwood to make more of a natural look.

Thanks all!


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Hey Kieren, I have been thinking about doing the same thing, but on that size tank I would be concerned about the lph of the filter. I would think it would be better going down to about 100lph which would slow the current down in the tank and also allow the media more time to work with the water. The hole to the sump I would think that it would be no larger than 25mm and the outflow probably no larger than a 10mm pipe with about 10 holes drilled at a 2.5-3mm diameter. I cant imagine that the inflow hole would be to hard to make a filter screen for and the outflow should be good enough to move the water but not make it like a whirlpool...

If you successfully get this going let me know I might be keen for one.

One more thing have you allowed room for a 25-50w heater in the sump so that its not seen in the tank?

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