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Re my recent thread about generators/invertors. I said that I was gonna do some research and this is what I've come up with:

Adventurer's Corner/AGR Machinery/Mills Trading. Are one and the same. The genny I was gonna buy is from Adventurer's Corner.

If you've got time and are interested..................perhaps you want to buy anything from a chainsaw to pressure washer to genny from ebay, then I suggest that you persevere and read this thread which has been running from Sept 2009 and is still running:


Note the new members who come in with their first post defending the company. Note the total sales and how, despite the numerous complaints, that their reputation suffers little damage due to their huge turnover.............note the average bid price on their stuff (shill bidding)............we are talking very serious sums of money changing hands here, based on their sales figures. Why has ebay done bugger all? Because they want the commissions? The bloody traders won't even deal with customer complaints if you leave negative feedback WTF??? 8O

Negative/Neutral Feedback received by agrmachinery

Quote: "They offer to double your warranty if you leave positive feedback. They also offer to waive freight charges at times for positive feedback. So of course this situation develops. It is against eBay terms and conditions as I pointed out to eBay but they don't care about it."

Quote: "They send your item out, you unpack it and inside is a note saying leave us positve feedback and we will double your warranty. The poor buyer thinks this sounds good, they take another good look at the new toy that arrived just to give it the once over before leaving feedback, it all seems to be there, it has nice new paint, if it has a motor they even give it a start, and it starts adn runs the chainsaw, generator, log splitter, whipper snipper, waterblaster all seem to work just fine now its unpacked and out of its box. The buyer then jumps on ebay and leaves positive feedback and then after they use the item for the 2nd or 3rd time its broken. The buyer will try and try and try to contact agr about the problem, but agr never return emails or messages even though you now have a 2 year warranty for the positve feedback. But hey what do agr care, the buyer has already left positive feedback and under ebays policy you cannot change your feedback once it has been given."

It's just as well I've got a bit of time spare to have found the above.

I already have a gurney purchased from one of these companies that apparently are one and the same and seem to have a stranglehold on ebay, but for sure, I won't be buying a genny..............should've researched the company a bit before I got the gurney (from AGR). OK, it's working ok but nowhere near the pressure stated.

Based on my experience with the gurney, I decided to steer clear of AGR when purchasing a genny..............now I find that if I purchase from Adventurers Corner, it'll be no different............they're one and the same and seem to have ebay stitched up the way they like it.

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Doesnt say much to me about there gear if they can only give 12 months warranty, they really don't have much faith in their product, heck even ozito offers up to 3 years warranty on some of there cheapy gear... You want at least something you know you can get parts for too...

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Hey kev if u are buying for your tanks u would be far better of buying from a retailer closer just for the sake if it does stop working its going to be a faster option for fixing and they may lend a rental to save u. Not sure if u have thought of this already thought id just throw it in.


Yeah thanks Shane. I'm leaning towards a kipor from Bunnings atm. Similar specs to honda at 60% of the honda price.

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