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7 Bar Frontosa feeding question

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Hey all,

I had a win on the MC and decided that it was a sign to invest in something new. So i have a new 8x2x2 tank coming and am going to fill it with frontosa =) I had already ordered the tank about a week and a bit ago and was going to fill it gradually except with the extra money i decided to buy nine 7 bar frontosa ranging from 6-8cm. Sadly one of them was beaten up in the bag on my way home and died that night. (I was NOT very happy with this and a few fish nets may of been thrown in the yard along with a few charming words.) I was also rather pissed that the LFS put too many fish in one bag espically since there was a potential for this to happen and the fact that these fish WERE NOT cheap.

1. Anyway my question is, is it ok to feed frontosa's more than once a day?

2. They seem to like tetra colour bits, is that ok in their diet?

3. Are these a fish that can handle bloodworms?

4. What is the primary diet most people use for frontosa?

Please and thankyou =D Will post pictures in a few days when they settle in.


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Theres better food around then tcb,try NLS or Hikari,with Hikari only get the sinking pellets theres too much splashing with floating pellets,mine are also loving the Ocean Nutrition vege pellets also at the moment, dont feed blood worms, chopped up prawns or krill once a week as a treat is better....

My mobas are large so i dont even bother with flake!

Also when there larger and have a big mouth,,,you can feed them massivore delight also ....


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