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Thought i'd update the pics of our fish family, over the last few months tanks have changed and so have the fish, sold all our Africans. Our current family consists of, 4 Medium Sized EBJD's, 4 Juvi EBJD's 3 Split Gene Dempseys, The Eartheaters- 2 Rio Branco's, 1 Tapajos, 1 Araguaia, which are forsale, 5 Firemouths, 4 Salvini's, 12 Juvi Festae's, 1 Large Female Festae, 4 Gold Edge Rivalatus, 2 White Edge Rivalatus, 3 Rainbow Cichlids, 2 Kribensis, and some regular bristle noses.....think thats everyone.....apart from some L numbers that I want, im done buying fish now.....I think, just need somemore tanks.

So heres some el-crapo phone pics





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