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Blue Crayfish, who what where why how

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Hi All,

My girlfriend wants me to get her one of these bright blue crayfish.

Now the guy at our LFS told me that one in 1000 crays go blue at a certain age and only for one shed. But i am almost sure ive seen truley bright blue crays before at all sizes. Can any one "shed" any light on this?

Also, do i keep it solitary, or would it be happier with a mate?

Where to buy one?


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I dont think that 1 in 1000 is true. And they stay blue for their whole life I believe.

I found this link for you.

Aquarium Lore: Blue Lobster / Blue Crayfish

Most LFS should be able to get them. Last time I remember pet barn at nerang had them for cheaper than $50 each. As for keeping them together, they had a whole tank full so I dont think they would be a problem if you keep them well fed and with several different caves etc :).

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It is very rare to find blue crayfishes in the wild hence your lfs said 1 in 1000 however it is very common in the aquarium trade. Solid blue coloured crays have been bred for their colour and usually remain the same. For the natural coloured crayfishes, they do change their colour regularly after moults but this is based on various factors including diet, environment, amount of light etc.

Below you will see two Cherax depressus of mine that are believed to be from the same stock. You can see the colour differences in the one kept outdoors and the one kept indoors.

The specimen kept indoors - looked purple-ish without flash


This specimen was kept outdoors and was exposed to different conditions than the one above, including more light, different foods etc.


Crayfishes are opportunist feeders and if it comes across another cray that has just molted and vulnerable it will happily snack on its mate. So in a tank that is small, it is recommended that they are kept alone. Provided a larger tank (3ft or bigger) than with hides such as rock caves or driftwood, you would be able to keep a pair of few more.

Where to buy one?

Red Dragon Aquatics @ Darra

-natural coloured C.quadricarinatus

-C. cainii

Fish Connections

-natural coloured C.quadricatinatus

-C. cainii

-Natural coloured/purplish C.depressus

Paul's aquarium

-natural coloured C.quadricarinatus

City Farmers (Browns Plain)

-natural coloured C.destructors

-solid blue C. cainii

Note: You can feeder red claw crays which are baby C. quadricarinatus for dirt cheap in most shops too.




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If you look at the thread above these are the ones i was breeding, i purchased them from a place in gympie, they love being in a tank togther and breed like mad. I have tryed marron aswell here in qld, they die in summer unless you can keep there water below 15 degrees, with a cooler or what ever method you choose.

yhe link for the farm is - Cherax Park Aquaculture Farm - Redclaw crayfish they do farm gate sales if you get a decent amount and is a really interesting place to visit aswell.

any more questions just ask.

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i have a male and a female.

i bred these myself from red claw

they started out white and slowly turned bright blue

both about 12cm at the moment

out of the 3000 odd that i bred i got about 15 white ones

these 2 where the only survivers (of the white ones)

going to get pics now

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