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Please help diagnose my sick fish :(

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i checked everything i could possibly check with all the different water tests.. and all is perfect!! the really white patches on the top of his back are now looking more like sores.. have a reddish grazed look to them.. and all the white seems to be getting fluffier in parts.. like cotton wool i guess!! And he is constantly under the filter swimming in the bubbles.. almost behaving like he's trying to wash it off or he's itchy...

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Looks like a horrible external bacterial infection.

First up post your water test results up.

As in the actual figures.

Then tell us how long tank has been setup.

Looks like a water column bacterial boom in water, which is usually people washing the aquarium filter in tapwater.

I would cull that fish, 50% water change, add aquarium salt, add melafix, add pimafix and say a prayer.

As to how the bacterial infection on the fish got that bad, its likely secondary.

My guess would be velvet being the initial assault.

The aquarium getting hot is likely the reason the secondary infection spread so fast.

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my "old"water test reply:

ph: 6.8

nitrites: 0

nitrates: 1

ammonia: 0

have had the tank setup for about 2 months now... he and one of the other fish had ich about 5 weeks ago.. but i got ichonex into the tank straight away and it was gone within 2 days... just done a 50% water change.. added salt and melafix.. i do not have any pimafix at the moment, but will get tomorrow!

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