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Help my scape!!!

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Ok so i'm setting up a low tech semi planted tank. Its an aquaone AR620 2 foot tank with an eheim 2213 and jager heater and Updated fluro bulbs.

Ive got one side how I like it but an unsure on the other side.


I was thinking about anubias or something simple on driftwood and let the hairgrass on the left fill out and carpet that side with a bit of a sand area then the anubias on wood.

Or just plant the crap put of the corner? (If so please name some plants that I can easily purchase off the liverpool creek site)

The substrate is pure first layer laterite mixed with medium river sandand dino dung crushed up and spread through it. Then topped off with medium river sand..

Anyone have any thoughts and ideas?

I will be adding more hairgrass to this side as well..


I also have this that would fit well in there if pushed into the sand a little bit.


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Great start but Ithink anubias might be a bit too big and clunky.

Maybe a dwarf variety like nana or something would look good tho.

Maybe transfer from hairgrass on left to chainswords in middle and then to anubias/bunch top java fern on right?

For some reason I think giant cardamine would look awesome in that tank. Just a weird little easy plant.


Its aalso a bit messy and chaotic, which I think would help make the hard straight hardscape look even more brutal.

Although you could get same result with some twisted gnarled wood

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Our plant selection changes with each order, so we always have the basics and a heap of randoms.

Chainswords are one of our best sellers so usually in stock

cardamine is a bit more unusual so not something we always have in stock.

I unfortunately lost all mine over winter, had it outside.

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I am going to have a go at a dead bonsai and putting moss on it. Should be able to pick up a cheap dead one from bunnings or someone n bleach it then attach the moss. It will not look as good as this but this is the type of thing I am aiming at. I would recommend you catch up with DFF and get some Seachem fertilizers and hopefully he will have the dose chart and the day planner.


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dam I love moss trees

that would work awesome

nice and 'round'

even in that picture above you can see how well it contrasts with straight rocks

the bit of wood ya have is nice, but I think may be too clunky as mentioned.

maybe could be laid on its side to make a retaining wall sort of setup tho

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