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odins fish

eoi 8x2x2 setup

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to hard to get a pick of it id say can only see about 4ft of it and the filters behind 2 tanks more then welcome to come veiw if u like :)

and clipper i wouldnt like to think what it would cost to freight it to townsville ud probly be better buyng one new up there lol ,if u can find a removalist frieghters up your way and ask if any backloads (ie truck comin back empty) coomin up soon would be ur cheapest bet

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Hey clipper,

I know how hard it is to get big tanks in the Cairns/Brownsville area. My son went to uni up there and he couldn't find a decent size tank that didn't cost an arm and a leg. I ended up getting an 8x2.5x2 set up on the Gold Coast and sending it up to Cairns with Ballina Removals. They have depots in Ballina and Brisbane. If you want any more info, PM me.

BTW, My son has a monster tank [210cmsx110cmsx110cms, about 2200 litres] in storage in Townville, He may want to move it on as he now lives in Cairns. Again, if interested,PM me.

Cheers Warwick.

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I know that you say it is hard to get a pic because it is behind other tanks, but can you try take a pic of what is visible and put the picture up here??

I have a 3 shelf 6ft stand with 2 tanks on it, both are display quality 6 x 2 x 18 (*I think they are 18" tall). The bottom shelf is empty. It fits in my garage, and I would like to move it on.

I would love to have a 8x2 in my lounge room for my clown loaches, but really want the glass to be close to display quality and the stand to be easy to make look 'presentable'.


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