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EOI ibcs and 200L blue drums

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I have been informed of some ibcs and 200l blue drums from a water treatment plant are avail. Drums have had water soluble chems like sodium hydroxide, hydrochloric acid etc so will be safe for fish after a good soak or 2. Some ibcs have already been rinsed in demin water. Person will be offloading them for $50 per good ibc and $15 per 200L drum. If interested send me a pm or text(no calls) on 0434149659.

Also there is only 8-10 of each avail from memory



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All 8 ibcs currently on hold. Still 10 more 200L avail. Once I get rid of this lot of ibcs I will be able to get into the back of the shed to check the comdition of the rest. If more are in good condition I will update those who have already expressed interest and update the add. There may also be some ibcs with a surface rust on nase but rest is in good cond for $30ea.

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