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Hey my boyfriend bought some from a local petshop. I see that they seem to be very hard to breed, and are difficult to find. I was wondering If anyone knows what environment the like to be in, Substrate.. and Rocks or logs? This morning i woke up and the male was chazing the female so badly that she just stoped and sunk to the bottom and struggled to breath. Ive been told to put things in to seperate them.. which i will be doing. But Rocks or logs?

They have been lip locking, and the male has been chasing the female around the tank. She goes bright red when hes near her. So adorable :D

Anyways can someone please give me some information on the fish Please. Most of the internet sites ive been to are .. well iffy. they have all the temp, ph, etc.. all different.

I will post pictures up later.. So you can all tell me if im right :D

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sorry Bgirl

u have the wrong fish :)

tis not a Hoplarchus psittacus at all, would be nice if it was this is one


wat u have is the more common parrot cichlid


Hypsophrys Nicaraguensis (Nicaragua Cichlid, Parrot or Macaw Cichlid, Butterfly Cichlid)

hope this helps

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cause i can
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Haha thanks all.. Im making a list to give to my boyfriend.. haha so far..

- scissor tail rasboras

- jd's,

- texas

- ,pearsei

- cubans

- blue eyes

- Rainbows

Which one is the most.. fastest.. and wont hide behind rocks/wood? My boyfriend.. Recons that because i put the piece of wood in its made the tank to crowded !!! Haha i just gave him a silly look and the next day when the tannin came out he loved it :P

Um but yeah.. He likes pretty but fast.. and something that wont hide.. Suggestions.. from the list.. ?

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Scissor tails, blue eyes and rainbows are ok,but the rest aren't really dithers. JD's, Cubans, Pearsii and texas all get fairly big and aggro and love eating eggs and fry.Personally I'd go Buenos aires tetras. Easy to find,pretty, tough and non-aggro, plus they stay at the top of the tank and wont bother your parrots if they breed. If you must have one from the list go the scissortails, but they're not much to look at.

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hahaha okay.. I just asked my boyfriend.. and he said he wants Rainbows.. hehe and ive already had a propsal by a member :) haha Dad then overheard that callum *my boyfriend* was going to get rainbows and dad was like.. Oh Oh.. I want Rainbows too.. haha.. he was like.. ah.. ill have 2... but then callum said he wanted 4.. so dad now wants 4.. haha Thankyou everyone.. I will post up photos of tank. With Rainbows in it when all is arranged :)

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