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Future Bass Tank

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Hi People's,

I think this is the first time i have actually posted a picture of a tank here lol ..

Still a work in progress though, Moving away from breeding and starting a few displays.

Wil be housing a few Pbass @ the 15cm mark in the future.

Currently housing a 28cm Dovii (thanks Bidkev :) )

Driftwood from Keegan, thanks mate.


Some of the wood is still yet to sink .. :(

And the 4x2x2 mirror glass sump ..Massive thanks to tanah4128 !!


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I've had some wood floating in my tank for like 4 or 5 weeks waiting for it to sink, lol. But lookin real nice mate, I like the darker look better too, I like the look of the aqua clay as substrate aswell, good contrast, Getting to own a few yanks now mate (FINALLY) :D If your still keen to swap some Sals around let me know mate cause Im prob gonna sell a few soon too.

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Yeah Nath, I have about 12 floating around in other tanks.. so will defiantly pull some out for ya.

Im also doing a 4x2x2 for some young Americans Salvini,Elloti,bocourti & sevs etc .. just saving up for the new tank, already have stand etc...

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