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There is a shop selling Tropheops. Problem is they are a hybrid. Red zeb with something.

If the owner looks here on the forum, just a tip tropheops are more rounded in the head & unless by some miracle you have all females. Males change colour too. Unless you imported a variant called Tropheops sp. "Olive" (Mphanga) But you haven't becasue the males look like this.


Spot the rounded head shape too.

You got close on finding a fish that looked yours. But no cigar.

Judgeing by the fact that one fish was holding, they were all 7-8cm, ummm hmmm

I personally think this is f@*ked. Some poor bastards will buy these, breed them & pass them on ruining the lines of what we have in the country.

Just so someone makes some money. Shit, must be desperate for some coinage then.

Anyway, back to my hole. All the best everyone.

Frenchy :D

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There is only a handful if that of shops on the gc that would sell those fish. Ruling out the very good ones i know of that would never do this, there is just one at runaway bay, southport maybe, ashmore maybe and bundle. Might have to check it out.

How much are the hybrids going for?

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