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Angelfish compatibility

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Hi all,

I've been doing some researching of the different angelfish species for compatability prior to restocking my tank after xmas

The ones im most interested in are:

Emperor (Pomacanthus)

Flame (Centropyge)


Bi Colour

After reading info on MASA and other sites, it says they can be territorial, especially between the Pomacanthus and Centropyge varieties (Chaetodontoplus didnt get a mention)

Ive had a Flame and Emperor in a tank before with no problems, although the Emperor was 5x the size of the Flame, so maybe the size difference cancelled out any possible fisticuffs

Has anyone had experience with the Bi-colour and Personifer in the same tank, or with a mix of any in the same tank? Did you have problems with them? Any other advice on keeping them that worked for you?



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Mate all of these four get on together fine.

The personifier you are seeing is most likely a meredithi,the east coast variety is not a personifer,they come from WA,very similar though.

I used to have a semi,imperator,conspict,meredithi,coral beauty,flame,blue face,(didn’t catch it or the flame) and a bi colour and heraldi.

Yes the three pomacanthus would size each other up, but no nasty stuff and the dwarfs would chase a little,no one even noticed the poor meredithi,the tank was a large one so,that’s the most important thing,room to avoid issues.

Just the Meredithi has tiny scales, so watch the white spot!

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I have just seen the two together when we would add our local catch to the ones at the wholesaler back in the eighties and the WA one he would get in was a little nicer looking.

The juveniles are near on exactly the same!

When i lived in WA as a teenager in the 70s i used to spear an adult or two,not knowing what they were (until we saw basicly the same here and caught them for my brothers tank),they along with anything else i saw and my mum used to like eating them,i dont eat fish!

Never have two of the exact same angel fish, try to keep sizes different in each type, centrepyge, pomacanthus and the chaetodontoplus will just be there on average.

I added a rarity of the chaetodontoplus family only found,(supposedly between Lord how and New Zealand)years ago to my angel tank,5 by 2 by 2 and the Meredithi never even really noticed it,yet they were best mates after some weeks.

There were always issues with the pomacanthus and the centrepyges, but never anything serious that harmed any one and the stress of the chasing never led to white spot!

Once you have seen them together for ages its not really territorial issues, it seems like a race issue when you watch them, now when you add two of the exact same and same size, now that’s different and if they don’t kill each other, if they pair up, watch out every one else, they establish an area of no go zone for all other angelfish and some other species.

I put another semi in the mix and after they didn’t fight any more, they hated every one else.

That ended the angel tank, to much in fighting after that, so I got rid most of them and one of the permitted collectors I knew sent the rarity to Singapore.

Get them small and no two exactly the same size.

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