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Yellow photo by canon 600D

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I keep those guys in a external breeding box before with my CBS tank

After all babies hatch and grow up

Then I move them to a 2ft tank in the end of November I prepare it for them in October

They hatch once in before October but that lots all disappear .......

It was painful.....because I keep shrimp more than 4 years

IMO they are harder than rcs and easier than crystal shrimp

And now the 2 ft tank is connected to my CBS tank

So I think I can keep them more successful XD

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You have some very nice shrimp there. I've kept the cherry shrimp for years now and absolutely love them. I breed many in a large bird bath outside, in tanks alone and have also bred them in tanks with my L number colonies. They are great shrimp. I picked up some nice yellows last week which are identical to yours. I've seen some ones being worked on and reckon yours are stunners. Did you breed these or get yours from someone else? Thanks for sharing.

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