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Skimmer placement

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Hi I have just bought a Skimz SM 161 (drooollllll) and I have the predicament in that I want to place it in the first section of my sump in which the water level is about 90mm above that recommended by Skimz. My main reason for putting it in the overflow section is so it is the first port of call in regards to my filtration. I unfortunatly don't have the luxury of putting it on a stand to raise it out of the water.

So the only other option I can see is to move it into my retun pump section as I can adjust the water level in here quite easily and enough to have the skimmer run efficiently. However in doing this the water will first be going through a refugium and mechanical (filter floss) filteraton. Alternatively I can drill some holes in the final divider to drop the water level right down, this is obviously undesirable to loose so much water volume.

Has anyone got their skimmer in the return section of their sump or does anyone have an opinion on this matter?

Any suggestions will be welcomed.


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Is your stand not high enough to get it on a small stand?

Do you have auto top up? If not the level will vary and cause skimmer performance issues.

IMO unless you change the filter floss very regularly its more trouble than it,s worth and having the skimmer after just compounds the problem as its skimming "cleanish" water.

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