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Best Worm/Parasite Meds - What do you use?

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I've decided to start worming my fish say every 2 months, and treat for internal parasites regularly (or when they show signs of it) just as a precaution.

So I'm just wondering what meds for worming or internal parasites you guys use? They need to be easily accessible meds available online or at any LFS.

Any help appreciated.

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If you scroll down there are tons of threads about this already. As stated in many of the others - you shouldn't worm unless you find out you need to. There are many signs from the visible worm itself, stringy poos, wasting away but still eating etc. You need to eliminate other factors first. Just like you don't take antibiotics "just because" the same goes with any medicine - and thats exactly what a wormer is. Depending on the worm you are treating for is what medication that you will buy.

Fish are not like cats and dogs - they get wormer because they either go outside, meet other animals, come into contact with worms, or even via mosquitos (like heartworms). Fish are in strictly controlled enviroments - and damaging worms are actually fairly hard to get. Unless you have grabbed something straight from an overseas fish farm, bought a wild caught or have actually seen an issue,or are a serious breeder with unknown variables in your systems there is no point to "regular" worming as a prophylactic.

I really wish a mod would sticky one of these worming threads!

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Bristlenoses: Used to have this on the old site.

Panacur 25 (sheep dip) Intestinal wormer

Dosage 8 ml per 100 litres

Dose week 1 , 2 & 3. I used a syringe for a measure. Water goes cloudy and milky but this will clear overnight

No water change is necessary - although the fish tend to evacuate their bowels and it can cause a smell to the water from this.

Downside is that I don't think our stock and station agents sell it in small bottles. Best to get a group together and share.

Although I just googled it and it's on search says for $43 to $47 1 litre or $105 for 5 litres - try your local vet or eleders etc it may be cheaper.

I had a break out of worms (amongst my fish!!!) some years back and dosed them with some of this. The worms haven't come back and they have bred like crazy. Mind you no new stock gets introduced to my original colonies.

(There ar now a number of diferent PANACUR products but i am referring to 25 for sheep)

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Pretty sure pan25 is 1mL/40L.

I have used it at 6mL/240L for long bath (3days) and fairly sure I've used 23mL/240L for a 24hr short bath.

After treating waterchange as all drugs affect water quality, and most affect biological filtration.

Definitely treat if you see signs of worms.

But as mentioned unnecessary treating may cause more harm than good. And knowing what disease and treatment to use is very important. As are knowing what your parameters are especially if having unknown problems with fish.

Mixing meds in foods is good and probably safer if you wanted to pre-treat for worms etc as a procaution, you would need to feed the med food for 5-7 days.

If you aren't adding new fish a lot I wouldn't worry though.

Add finely crushed/ground garlic in food 1-2g/100g food.


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