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new tank

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a single betta. . . . just throwing it out there. . . . . but seriously Betta's in tiny tanks make me angry. . . give them space to move and stuff people. ive had one in a 6ft tank and guess what? It swan around the tank all the time top to bottom and it was the happiest betta I had ever seen! so yeah my vote is for a nice Betta, some corry's maybe some L's? and threadfins (not sure if they will pick on your betta but mine never picked on the Betta I had)

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so i got home and the tank is here yay. its a monster

anybody tell what im doing tommorw??

cleaning the tank .. cleaning ideas best and effiecent ways of doin it .

still waiting on canister filter

texas holy rock in the pic yes or no and is the substrate calicum carb

all up cost my brother in law a carton of beer

what u guys think??






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Lucky you!:) Looks good! I can't quite tell from the pics, is that a sump underneath? Personally I would fill it with Tangs but L's would be pretty cool too! I'm a bit partial to the L066's myself but the cost of the ruddy things always pulls me up! 3-4cm for $30-$50 or 8-10cm for $150 seems to be the going rate depending on who's got what

L333's , 202's,002's, 397's around $40

L377's around $50

L134's around $80 and so on.

Mind you these are Sydney prices I am quoting here, not QLD

There's a huge number of L's around these days compared to times gone by, the trouble is finding the dedicated hobbyists that actually breed them! Were very lucky on here to have a few experienced and reputable hobbyists who do just that! That is where I would be sourcing my L's from anyway!

Good luck!:)

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tank coming along nicely after a rubb down on all sides with vinegar and a razor around whole tank scrubbin up nicley

yes leroy stand into a cabienet sounds great

yet to measure as tape measure lockd in bro in laws car

what u's think



Can confirm its deffs 4x2x2.5 (was there last night)

Stand looks like it will be a sinch to 'cabinetafy' verry jelouse the tank looks amazing, glass is in decent condition, minimal scratching, with a good windex on the outside, and some sponge work on the inside after its soaked for a bit should be crystal 'green' clear :P

Thinking mate, we are going to have to paint the back black and get the stand finished, get Norm to pick up some wood to cabinet it and ill give you a hand. . . if i cna find my wood working tools :|

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