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Impulse 4 foot setup......

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I broke the ceasefire on getting any new breeding stock today. I wasnt planning on it, and was trying to be strong.

Really I was.

But it was no use.........

All day long a pair of nigerian red taeniatus were taunting me at work.

I pointed them out to a dozen customers at least, in the hope they would save me from buying them.

But nobody did.

Leaving me with no choice but to buy them.

Which meant moving around almost every fish in my fishroom to free up a 4 foot tank.

Which now has nothing but a pair of nigerian red taeniatus in it + some driftwood + some broken flower pot + some java moss + an unknown remaining number of cherry shrimp.

No pictures as I am stuffed lol

Later tho.

For now I just wanted to tell someone.

I got the best looking god dam kribs ever.

Feels good man!

Hopefully not long now and I will see some of this action......

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Haha it must be tough at times... All that great stock staring at you pleading to be taken home, I knew about your ceasefire but had not thought about the drama there must have been with it being right in your face all day every day.


Well played Donny you lasted as longer than I would have.

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Found this pic of Donny on the way home today, he looks so happy with himself!


You nailed everything EXCEPT the fact the 2 fish were bagged in a revolutionary 8 layer 34 Litre bag.

I could have been hit with a steamtrain....... and the fish bag would have survived intact.

Both fish are swimming around together this morning.

perfect colour, perfect fins, perfect pair.




bonus points for listening to this

while watching above gif file! Edited by DeadFishFloating
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Maybe tonite. Have a chore list to get thru first.

Its my day off...... so obviously I have to spend it doing a million freeking things rather than just chillin in the fish room.


ah well

Gonna go grab a nice fresh 360 controller for myself too.

Living it up I tells ya!


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