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Malaysia aquarium shops?

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Hey guys just got to Malaysia today im in KL I want to go check out some aquarium shops if any body knows of any good ones that would be great . Also going to Singapore so same for there as well .i wouldnt mind bring some goodies back .Thanks guys . Matt

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Theres a very nice aquarium in Langkawi, but bit of a hike from koala humper....... uh I mean KL.

Still its a stunning group of islands, so if your up to it......... grab a bus up to Penang Island, (or bus at least to Penang state, and then a ferry to Penang island)

From Penang island grab a ferry to Langkawi.

pretty sweet place, duty free booze and quite pretty and clean.

Other wise you are not far from Singapore, so could take a bus down there for a look see too!

As far as finding fish shops in KL the best bet is a 2 prong method.

1) ask locals

2) check Malaysian fish forums

fish shops in KL



koi and pond forum


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Woooo found some good ones today in pudu , some at the markets and there was one over the road. arowanas galore chilli reds , cross backs , rtg , arapaima , big spotted gar , Thai silks and some awesome flower horns . So tempting to grab some lol silvers aros were goin for $20 . I grab some pond pumps and some wave makers for like $10 not sure how good they are but it's worth a shot . I'm goin back tomorrow cause i couldnt stay long today cuase my misses wanted to leave cause it stunk and it was a shit hole .so if any one wants anything let us know they pretty much have everything . Cheers Matt.

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