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Nano Aquascape

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Container - 1.5 litre coffee jar

Substrate - Playsand

Hardscape - Wood and rocks i scavanged from my backyard

Plants - Anubias, Java fern, Peacock moss & Crypt wendtii

A pic of the jar beside mobile to give a size reference


Planted - let me say tying them little plants on was hard work lol


First time i've had a go at something so small, quite pleased how it came out!

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Thanx Shorty. I really enjoyed doing it, gonna play with a few others just to see what i can come up with

I picked up a desk lamp for it...has a halogen globe equivilant of 40W of light *LOL* Will be a bit of trial and error at how far away for the top of the jar the light needs to be.

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