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Native moss thingy

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Not sure if this is the right place to post this?

My wife and I went for a bush walk at our local creek to collect some things for a practice at a project I have been thinking about doing soon..

It is a first attempt and will be more high tec later but for now it consists of,

- Shiny black gravel

- Anubis on rock

- java moss

- rocks

- drift wood

- duck weed

- frogbit

- one sponge filter

- a pair of endlers

- 3 cherry shrimp

- moss collected today

- a fern attached to the moss( was already there just a bonus)

- led lights

- 20lt tank with water cycled and softened with Indian almond leaves, was a shrimp tank for a while now

- sea chem flourish

Later will be a larger scale and co2 ect .. Just a trial for now

Any comments/advice is welcomed!



I am currently sitting eating chochip ice cream enjoying the spoils, hope it works!

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Nice, Any idea if the moss was submerged or just emersed? I have recently collected moss submerged and placed it in the tanks and is growing very nicely. It was a little algae ridden when I got it but will soon go away :) I collected something known as stringy moss which looks very identical to here;


I am happy to share the collection with others on the forum if they were interested once it grows well enough.

I do not believe the fern will go well under water and would be best above water (which is above water by the looks). Are you going to submerge the moss at all or just keep it on the water line?

Looks good and cannot wait for a larger tank ;)

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Cheers! It was only emersed when I found it, so that's how I was planning on keeping it. We walked for the entire length of the creek and could not find any submerged :( which is what I am really keen on, I would like to make a carpet of it and have wood and rocks coming out of the tank with moss' and plants and kid of a waterfall deal. I plan on keeping the water level where it is now and the fern is above that line.

I did place the moss in such a way that there are small parts of it submerged to see if it dies off, also thinking that may help with some moisture take up?

Cheers Mat

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If you are ever on the Gold Coast give me a bell I will come with you to a spot I know that has lots of moss submerged. Just swing me a PM before hand. Anyways that is fine. Some people do manage to convert a lot of mosses from emersed to submerged through a lengthy process however not all mosses are capable of doing so. Good example of how good native mosses can look;

All Native Moss Tank...Latest progress pics added...1/7/11

Some were found emersed here and switched over well according to him.

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