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My Msobos have their first mouthfuls :D Advice please?

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Recently set up a breeding colony of Msobos and checked my tank this morning to find 2/12 of my girls holding. May not be such an achievement for you guys but this is my first time attempting to breed any fish so I'm pretty stoked.

Any tips for when I should strip them (if I should strip them at all) and the best ways to look after fry and stuff like that?

Thanks guys.

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If you want to strip her, you can do it roughly about 2 weeks or you can isolated (take her out)

For raising fry, good to have a separate tank with the parents and feed them 3 times a day plus changes water as offen as you can that way your fry will grow out quicker. Good luck

Cheers, Ryan

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excellent work man!

Its hard to keep track of how long females have held as they all look very similar.

I usually go off the condition of the holding female.

If she is starting to get thin, thens theres a higher chance she will spit or swallow.

Thats when I catch them out and milk them.

I usually catch a few out at once, as its a bit of effort to remove all the rocks to milk them.

congrats again man

keep doing whatever it is you are doing

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Thanks, Donny!

You're a legend :P I put in that Geo-liquid, 24 hours later, I've got girls holding.

Yeah all the girls are so similar, I realised that could get a bit tricky! I'll keep you posted with how I get on.

Thanks again,


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