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For Sale. Black Sponge and Sponge Filter

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For Sale:

Item: sponge Filter, Air hose and Black sponge.

Sponge filter = large size

Air hose = approx 14 feet

Black sponge = 90cms x 50cms

Sponge filter with air hose = $20

Black Sponge $15

Take the lot for $25



The sponge is just dusty - A rinse will clean it up

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After some deliberation I have decided to give this to a very deserving member of this forum.

This person has displayed patience and gratitude as well as being generous.

I will not mention this member's name or username as I have not informed him I am leaving this comment but he obviously knows who he is and is welcome to identify himself if he wishes to do so by reply post.

Thank you member and I do hope you and your family have an awesome Christmas.

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