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Whats the go with my Saulosi fry?? hybrids?

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Hey guys

I have an african display, with mainly Saulosi, and some single males - Hongi, Pulpican, Maingano and a peacock.

I occasionaly strip a mouthful from a Saulosi female. I have a slight difference in some of the fry from different females.

One batch is a clean bright yellow with no visible bars at 10mm-20mm. I have no doubt these are Saulosi.

But some other batches are an off yellow, even just slightly brown, with some very faint light barring. These guys range from 10mm-30mm and all look the same.

Do I have some possible hybrids here?? Maybe with the Pulpican?


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More than likely they are hybrids, sound like your Kingsizei did the job on one of your female saulosi. Only some species that not or unlikely that is cross breed with your saulosi are Demasoni, Red zebra, maingano and colbalt blue zebra maybe more but not a guarantee they won't cross breed just very unlikely.

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Gotta love the hongi, gigalo of the fishworld :lol:


my vote is for red empress.

have seen them cross with basically everything!

A male Pulpican, in breeding colour, does look a fair bit like a big male saulosi.

I recently had a marmalade cat trev male cross with a saulosi female

the resulting fry were 7 different colours!!!!

all started yellow

and then BOOM

they went stripey black or stripey blue or orange ob or pink/purple ob or orange or yellow, or an even blue.

interesting to see such a crazy looking tank of just one batch of fry

but ya

aggro angry psycho hybrid mbuna lol

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